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In a minute, I will give you a technique from the Feel Better Project that you can try right away.

But first, let me tell you why I started this – and what these emails are all about.

Really… it comes out of a type of frustration.

A frustration that - at the age of 46 – there was still something missing.

That my mind was still not at peace.

I still felt fear and overwhelm and anxiety.

Now… I’ve had a reasonable amount of “success” in my life.

I’ve got a great home life.

I’ve started and built a successful business.

I’d got the “freedom” I’d always imaged. That’s what we dream of, right?

And yet… there was something missing.

I was still besieged by feelings of overwhelm and of fear. Feelings that took the joy out of having my own business…. and out of everyday life.

And as I looked ahead at the years I had left of my “short life”, I realized I couldn’t afford NOT to do something about it.

…That every day I allowed myself to live an un-optimized life was a day that was wasted.

That’s why I was always seeking… always looking for the answer.

And I’m so happy to say that I found it, thanks to some amazing training I did.

It was training that replaced my constant underlying feelings of fear and anxiety with peace, inspiration and confidence.

That training changed my life.

So that’s what these emails are about.

They show you how you can change your thinking – how you can upgrade the software in your brain – so that you too can live from a place of peace ... and inspiration.

The first email will come soon.

But first, let me tell you about something you can do right away.

It’s called tapping in your body – and it’s the very first step you can take.

This is all about generating awareness – awareness of what’s going on with you right now.

Awareness of how you are feeling right now.

The thing is, until you have that awareness, you can’t make progress.

So maybe – right now – how about you pause and scan your body.

Tune into each part of your body in turn and notice how it’s feeling.

Maybe there’s a heaviness in your chest.

Or a knot in your shoulders.

Or a mysterious discomfort in your stomach.

When you notice the feeling, just allow it to be there.

Don’t try to name it.

Don’t try to solve it.

And don’t try to resist it.

Just let it be there.

Let it soak in, as if you are a sponge.

Here’s the thing: There’s nothing to fix.

All we need do is give yourself some care and some understanding.

And when we’re able to do that, we start to be able to move into a place of feeling better.

So all I am asking right now, is for you to be aware of what your body is telling you – and to let that feeling be there.

If you can do that, you’ve just made a huge step forward.

And even if you’re struggling, don’t worry. It will come in time. It just takes practice.

I’ll be giving you a lot more information in the emails.

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