Make Rapid Progress With One-On-One Intensive Coaching

From Simon Payn, founder, the Feel Better Project

If you want to change your relationship with the world from one of fear and anxiety to ease and well-being, the fastest way to get there is with one-on-one intensive coaching.

We will meet by phone, three times each week, for 45 minutes each time.

On these calls we’ll practice the Feel Better Project process with what’s going on with you right at that moment.

That’s how you make rapid progress; you can apply the tools and strategies right away… and see results right away.

Frankly, I think you’ll be amazed at the difference in how you view the world within a month.

This is how it works:

First, we have a 30-minute evaluation call to see if we’re a match. This is your chance to decide if the coaching is right for you. It’s also an opportunity for me to see if I can help you. There is a one-time fee of $100 for this call, which will be applied towards the coaching or refunded if we decide not to go ahead.

Next, if we agree to begin, we will schedule our calls for the next month. Ideally, we will do three calls each week, spread out during the week. Each call will be 45 minutes long.

You will also have direct access to me by email for anything that comes up between calls.

The fee for a month of coaching is $1500. There is no requirement to continue beyond a month, but if we decide it would be beneficial, the fee would be the same in subsequent months.

It’s important to me that you think the coaching is a success. If at anytime in the first month you decide it’s not working out, then I will refund you for any unused time.

Please note that I am not a therapist or counselor. This coaching is not designed to replace professional counselling.

If you would like to schedule the kick-off call or have any questions, please email me at