How about today – and this week – you spend a few minutes out of your head?

Dedicate a little time away from the chatter, free from the knots of thought.

After all, it’s our thinking – our fears and our anxieties, our disappointments and our expectations – that cause us so much suffering.

So it’s nice to take a break; a little vacation from the mind.

Try spending five minutes in silence, letting thoughts come and go. Just sit there… still… and see what happens.

Or go out into nature and walk slowly, noticing the earth and the bark and the leaves.

Or – and this is a technique I learned from Bentinho Massaro this week – see if you can focus on two things at once; see if two objects can attract your attention at the same time. (Answer: they can’t, and it stops you from thinking.)

Whichever way you do it, take a vacation from the chatter of thought.

Get out of your head… and relax.




(Photo by Seth Willingham on Unsplash)