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Going through the day is like driving through a residential neighborhood.

We can be slowed down by stop signs at each intersection.

And while those stop signs are a pain for the driver, they’re actually a good thing if we want a day full of peace and ease rather than stress and anxiety.

You see, every time we remember to stop, we can decide to turn one way towards fear or another way towards love.

Of course, it’s hard to remember to hit the brakes in real life. There’s no big red sign and the danger of a ticket.

But if we practice awareness – step one of the Feel Better Project process – we learn to put a pause between trigger and action.

That avoids us running on auto-pilot – the click… whirr of our automated habits.

And then – when we come to a halt – we can make the decision: Do I turn one way for fear or the other way for love?

The road to fear is our habitual route. It’s where the brain likes to go to protect us; it’s the reaction to the lion lurking in the long grass.

But if we can pause, take a breath and relax, we can choose the road to love.

That’s the route on which we realize that – really – everything is just OK. It’s when we notice that our fear is just a habit. And it’s how we open ourselves up to answers and inspiration.

The more we practice stopping, the better we get at this.

Sometimes, we will forget and roll right through that stop sign, turning onto the road of fear.

But other times, we will remember and choose the road to love.

And how beautiful and easy and relaxing that highway is!



(Photo by Branden Tate on Unsplash)