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If you’re a kid – or an adult who still has the child in her (which is a good thing) – then it’s fun to ride at the front of a driver-less train.

You can pretend you are steering… except you know the train must stay on the rails.

And again if you’re a kid and you launch yourself down a big playground slide, you can try to hit the brakes half way down.

Your hands will burn up with the friction, and gravity will stretch your body.

But you know that the only way out is to let the slide do its thing, so you let go and end up at the bottom.

We spend so much of our lives struggling; fighting gravity or battling the rails.

And yet, often, we feel so much better by letting go and enjoying the ride.

Because maybe – just maybe – that’s where we really need to go.



(Photo by Steve Shreve on Unsplash)