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Maybe you’ve heard about the bizarre craze for eating Tide pods.

(If you’re reading, kids, don’t do it. They are made of poison.)

Having never spent a cycle inside my dishwasher, I don’t know how Tide pods work. But I can only assume that the hot water dissolves the outer plasticky casing, so the Tide magic can do its thing.

All I know is that when the dishwasher is done, the dishes are clean and the Tide pod is gone.

This Tide pod talk got me thinking about how many of us, much of the time, are wrapped in our own pod.

We’re little packets of anxiety and fear and thoughts and plans, isolated from the world by transparent plastic.

We see the world out there, but we’re separated from it.

Which… feels bad!

The practice here at the Feel Better Project helps to dissolve that transparent barrier.

When we stop and notice our thoughts, when we do something to feel just a little bit better… when we become aware that we’ve erected a transparent barrier between “us” and “the world”, we’re finally able to take a break, breathe, and bathe in the warm water of inspiration that we’re surrounded by.

Because… when we finally get out of that pod, we realize that peace, love, inspiration, ideas and compassion are all there already.

We were just too wrapped up in our plasticky packaging to notice it.

And then we can dissolve… and relax.




(Photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash)