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Here’s a challenge for today or on the weekend:

Have some unstructured time. Goof off.

As the Brits say, just potter around.

We’re forever told we should be productive; we should make a to-do list and schedule our day.

We’re led to believe that the more efficiently we can get stuff done, the better.

We’re urged to get to inbox zero and end the day with a tidy desk.

Which makes me wonder: are we humans… or machines?

Factories are made more productive with new working practices and robots.

Offices are made more productive with computer software and systems.

But should humans too?

If we’re so busy getting stuff done, are we people… or are we robots?

And when will the productivity end? Won’t there just be more stuff to get done?

So maybe instead, just goof off.

Don’t read that book you “should” read.

Don’t complete that task you “should” complete.

And don’t reply to that email you “should” reply to.

Instead, just muck around. Potter about.

And see if you notice – as I do – that these “unproductive” times are when you finally relax.

They’re when you open the mind up to receiving ideas and inspiration.

And they’re when you’re actually productive on the big stuff that matters.

Enjoy now instead of working to free up space so you can enjoy later.


(Photo by Alicia Gauthier on Unsplash)