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It’s the time of year when we make resolutions.

To lose 10lb.

To grow our business 20%.

To read more books.

… You know the drill.

And you also know that most resolutions are broken and forgotten before January is out.

Me? I am making one resolution for 2018: To live in alignment.

So… for those new here… what is alignment?

Alignment is that feeling of ease and flow. That place of inspiration and connection. That knowledge that you are living the way you are meant to live. That you’re aligned with your soul’s desire.

When you’re in alignment, answers come, ideas blossom, opportunities arrive.

Everything seems possible.

Alignment is what happens when we transcend the babbling of our thoughts. It’s when we gain perspective. It’s when we realize we’re so much more than the knot of anxieties and worries and fears in which so many of us spend so much of our days.

My motto for this year: Alignment is #1. Everything else is second.

And the beauty of this? When you’re in alignment, everything else – the business plan, the marketing, the housework, eating right, exercising – becomes easy and natural.

You desire to do all this stuff rather than feel like you’re grinding it out.

Getting into alignment is what we teach here at the Feel Better Project.

It’s what the process is aimed at helping you achieve.

It starts with checking in with ourselves; asking how are we feeling right now?

Then we allow that feeling. We let it seep into our bodies, unanalyzed and unjudged.

And then… we do or think something that feels just a little bit better.

That’s how – over time and with practice – we feel better.



(Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash)