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There’s a Twitter account called Emergency Kittens.

It’s what 5.91 million people turn to when the news – when the world in general – gets too much.

They take time out for some emergency kittens, for some adorable cuteness amid the gloom and stress.

Those 5.91 million are pretty wise.

For many of us, on many days, life gets too much.

Perhaps we’re having a bad day in our business, with sales in a slump, staff screwing up, computers crashing.

Or maybe we’re got a to-do list at home that gets longer by the second.

All this feels quite overwhelming. There’s just too much to do and too much going on.

It seems like we will never get to the end of it. Our life feels out of control.

So we focus and we obsess. We tell ourselves stories of the terrible things that will happen if we don’t get everything done.

We panic.

It’s at these moments that we need to have some time out.

If we can step away from our computer…

Or go for a walk…

Or take a long bath…

… We can perform a little reset of the brain.

We give ourselves the space to allow that stressful feeling to be there; to accept it without judging it.

And the moment we’re able to do that, answers come and worries recede.

Perspective returns.

And we feel better.

The trouble is, taking time out can often go against our upbringing.

Emergency kittens are “wasting time” and “not getting the job done.”​

So, a​s “good girls” and “good boys,” we need to be reminded to do it. We need to permit ourselves to step away.

It’s something that comes with practice.

So next time you’re feeling life is too much, take some time out.

In the training I offer, you’ll get a chance to practice all this with what’s going on in your life right now.  It’s how you’ll quickly integrate the Feel Better Project process into your life.


(Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash)