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In our cars, we can’t go straight from Park to Drive.

We have to pass through Neutral first.

And often we have to hit the brake before we can even leave Park.

There’s no doubt a good reason for that.

And… the same thing is true with the Feel Better Project process.

Our aim might be to feel better, but if we try to go from feeling bad to feeling good, there’s likely to be the sound of grinding gears in our brain.

That’s why we have the middle step – the allowing – in there.

If we try to force ourselves to feel better, we’re denying our feelings. That causes conflict and resistance because our feelings aren’t being heard.

And so they shout louder.

Instead we need to pass through Neutral by allowing those feelings to be there. We let them sit there in our body without judgment. We just let them seep in.

And then… once we truly feel our feelings… we get motivated to do something that makes us feel a little bit better. That shift comes easily when we’ve allowed ourselves to feel what we feel.

Try practicing this next time you feel off. These emails will give you more tips, or you can join our accelerated training (begins January 8) or my intensive coaching. Both will help you get there faster.



(Photo by michele spinnato on Unsplash)