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Without valleys there are no peaks.

Without cold there is no heat.

And without “bad” days there are no “good” days.

Imagine if everything was wonderful all the time.

You’d think it would be nice, right?

But the thing is, without the valleys, we don’t enjoy the peaks.

The peaks would become the new normal. Just flat.

If you live in Florida, warmth and sunshine is the norm – you’re used to it.

If you live in North Dakota and it’s January, a trip to Miami is paradise.

So how does this relate to your everyday life and business?

Simply that the valleys – the “bad” days – might seem awful, but without them, the peaks – the “good” days – simply wouldn’t exist.

If we can appreciate the valleys for the contrast they offer rather than hating them because they’re not want you really want, we’re able to feel better.

And the peaks themselves become pretty awesome.

Often, the valleys – once we allow them to be there – are the prompt we need to climb the peaks.

​It takes practice to appreciate the valleys (you need tools to be able to do it), so keep reading these emails or join my accelerated training (starts Jan 8) or intensive coaching to get there faster.



(Photo by David Joyce on Unsplash)