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“Check, check, 123.”

And then comes the sound of audio feedback; that screeching, piercing noise that makes you want to fill your ears with Styrofoam.

Feedback happens when a loop is set up – noise from the microphone goes through the speakers and then back to the microphone and back to the speakers. We get an ever-increasing amplification of sound.

Our thoughts get like that too. Especially when we’re feeling bad.

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll have heard me taking about our desire to name things. We give objects and concepts names so that the brain can think about them and categorize them.

But sometimes, leaving something un-named and un-thought is the way to go.

With the Feel Better Project process (click here to read it if you are new), we scan ourselves to become “aware” of how we are feeling, often by tapping in our body, and then we “allow” that feeling.

… Which is easier said than done!

The trouble is, when we feel bad we tend to dwell on that feeling.

We tell ourselves we don’t want to feel that way.

We wish that we felt something different.

We even start feeling bad about feeling bad!

The thing is, all this is feedback! When we fight the feeling, we set up resistance, which makes the feeling stronger, which creates more resistance, which leads to more feeling, which leads to the equivalent of audio feedback inside our heads!

The better way is to truly allow the feeling to be there.

To really feel the feeling inside our body, without naming it.

Imagine that your body is a sponge and the feeling is spilled coffee. You allow the coffee to seep into the sponge so that it’s saturated. Do the same thing with your body. Allow the feeling to saturate your body. Just let it be there, without naming it.

Just feel the feeling. Nothing more.

This takes practice, and it helps to practice it with what’s going in with you right now. That’s why we have phone calls as part of my accelerated training  and intensive coaching.

It’s also why it pays to follow the Feel Better Project process and become aware of how we are feeling right now.

This week I practiced exactly the thing I am writing about. It works.




(Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash)