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Working doesn’t always work.

Resting does.

Let me explain:

When we’ve got a problem – something we need to fix or a solution to come up with – sitting at our desk and “working” doesn’t often… err… work.

When we’re “working” we’re often struggling. We’re pushing and shoving. We’re trying to wrestle our problems.

Instead, if we can take time away and rest…

If we can be good to ourselves…

If we can be kind to ourselves…

If we can make ourselves feel better…

…Then we get into that place of alignment – that flow, ease and inspiration – which allows us to come up with the answer.

Only then do we go back and “work.”

But this time, we do it with the answers already there.

It’s counter-intuitive… but it… err… works.



(Photo by Sid Leigh on Unsplash)