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Imagine you’re walking along the ocean.

To the left are the waves, to the right dry sand.

And… you’re wearing your best shoes!

You can walk in the waves and get your feet wet, but just to the right you can walk on the dry sand.

Wet feet, dry feet.

This is what our mood is like.

We can spend all day with wet feet – feeling a little bit “urgh”, anxious… maybe sad.

Or we can spend all day with dry feet – feeling hopeful, peaceful and inspired.

The challenge is to keep our feet dry… because in some ways those wet waves are enticing.

This is where the Feel Better Project process comes in.

First, we become aware that we’re in the wet zone.

Second, we’re OK with being in the wet zone. It’s where we are – if we try to fight it we set up resistance.

Third, we do something that would make ourselves feel just a little bit better. We don’t “try” to walk on dry sand, we just do something to take care of ourselves.

If it doesn’t work and our feet stay wet, no matter.

We just keep at it – keep practicing steps 2 and 3 – until suddenly one day we find ourselves in the dry sand.

When this happens, it’s as if a switch has flipped.

It’s like we’ve turned over a sheet of paper.

And it makes it much less likely we will go back into the ocean.

Try it. It works.



(Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash)