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If you’ve watched Breaking Bad, you’ll know that (spoiler alert!), in one scene they destroy evidence stored on a computer hard drive using a giant magnet – the kind that picks up cars in junkyards.

Magnets can be powerful… and that’s one reason why we like to talk about our inner compass here at the Feel Better Project.

As a recap: We all have access to a kind of inner compass that guides us to what our soul desires.

When it’s in line, we feel great. We’re in flow. We’re open to inspiration. We feel in tune.

When it’s out of line, we feel bad. Our body feels off. There’s a kind of underlying feeling of “urgh” – to use the technical term.

So all we have to do is listen to our inner compass and course correct when it’s out of whack.

What does that mean in practice?

Simply that when you feel your compass is out of line, you don’t try to fight that feeling AND you do something that will make you feel just a little bit better.

What many of us do is deny the feeling, or argue with it. That sets up resistance inside ourselves, which is basically us trying to fight with our truth. It feels awful.

Instead, we accept that we’re out of line and we do something that will put us back into line.

If we’re getting frustrated at work, we don’t try to “unfrustrate” ourselves by pushing on through, fussing more with that knot of frustration. Instead, we give ourselves a break to clear our heads – which often results in us finding the inspiration we need to undo that knot.

This goes against a lot of what we’re taught as children. It’s against a lot of our training to – as we see it – give up.

But… I can tell you… it’s what works.

And it makes for a more pleasant, easy and flowing day.



(Photo by Ken Reid on Unsplash)