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An astronaut was talking on a podcast and he told an interesting story.

One day he was up there on the space station, looking down at the beautiful planet.

The next day he was down on Earth and staying in a hotel. The first thing he did when he entered his room was turn on the TV and tune in to cable news.

And the just-landed spaceman said: Is this what people think is important? Is this what they are focusing on?

Which got me thinking two things.

First: Yes, he’s right of course. In the grand scheme of things, our everyday concerns – the 24-hour news cycle – are pretty trivial.


Second: It’s easy for him to think this stuff. He’s a freakin’ astronaut, for goodness sake! While he was up there 250 miles above the Earth, the rest of us were down in gravity-land with our broken plumbing, screaming kids, rude boss, terrible traffic and the rest of it.


Gaining perspective – a higher altitude on our everyday lives – is a critical component in feeling better about stuff.

When we can zoom out and see things as a whole, we stop getting mired in the crazy-making details.

That’s powerful.

To do that, we follow the Feel Better Project process.

We stop and pause so we notice our thoughts. We allow those thoughts to be there – we don’t fight them. And then we reach into our toolkit for something that feels just that little bit better.

One of those feel-better tools is zooming out and getting perspective.

It’s asking: Is this really that important? Is it worth focusing on?

So… see what you can do to gain a bit of altitude.

Even if it’s the equivalent of merely standing on a chair.


(Photo by NASA on Unsplash)