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Step away from the computer!

Sometimes it seems we should have a recording that automatically shouts that out at us.

Here’s the thing: most of our creativity, most of our answers, most of our… inspiration happens away from the screen.

The trouble is, because we’re “good girls” and “good boys” we feel we should be there at our desk, eight hours per day.

This is particularly important when something is going wrong in our business or at work; when we have a problem that needs to be solved.

If we stay in front of our computer and “work” at it, we often end up going around in circles in an ever-increasing spiral of stress.

Instead, it’s better to take time out.

Say “screw it”, if only for an hour or two.

Maybe go read a book on a completely different topic.

Or go for a walk.

Because it is only then, when we’re relaxed and feeling better that we get the ideas and inspiration we need.

It is only then that we release enough to open the door to inspiration.

So – I dare you: Next time you have a sense of frustration and tension, step away from your computer and do something that makes you feel better.



(Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash)