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It’s hard to avoid living with that preview reel running through our heads: Life’s coming (un)attractions.

Although we know it doesn’t necessarily serve us, thinking of the future is what we do.

But we can – to some extent – dictate the content of that preview reel… by remembering the action we’re in the middle of right now.

The thing is, tomorrow’s movies are often dictated by today’s story, so if we can change our momentum today, we can start to enjoy what we think is coming next.

That all starts with coming back to the now.

Can we can allow anything that’s running through our head to just be there?

And then can we do something to feel just a little bit better?

Maybe we can appreciate the small things about right now.

Or we can notice the world around us.

Or we can just breathe in and relax.

This is about changing our momentum. If our preview reel makes us feel nervous, what can we do to slow – and maybe reverse – that momentum?

After all, the only thing that exists is now. Tomorrow – that’s just life’s upcoming (un) attractions.

But maybe we can feel so good that tomorrow’s movie is an exciting blockbuster?



(Photo by Conner Murphy on Unsplash)