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Procrastination, we are so often informed, is a Bad Thing.

Today’s gurus tell hard-pushing entrepreneurs and go-getting corporate climbers that procrastination is the equivalent of sitting on the couch watching re-runs of Seinfeld while inhaling a bag of Cheetos.

Procrastination – they might say – is for losers.

But what if procrastination is our friend?

What if procrastination serves a purpose?

What if procrastination allows us to be more creative, more fulfilled… more successful?

If you’ve been here long enough, you already know that striving and hustling – swimming through molasses – is not our style. If something seems like a struggle, there’s something wrong.

Instead, we follow the Feel Better Project process to get into alignment – that feeling of flow and ease, when work becomes easy and inspired.

Procrastination – in our world – is your mind telling you you’re not ready, that something’s not quite right… and that if you start work now, your work will show struggle rather than flow. It will be poorer work than if you had waited.

Adam Grant, in the book Originals, found plenty evidence that would appear to back this up. Procrastinators were often more creative, he found, as while we procrastinated, the mind was doing its thing and incubating ideas.

In ancient Egypt, says the book, there were two different verbs for procrastination: one denoted laziness; the other meant waiting for the right time.

Waiting doesn’t mean lazy.

So instead, let’s get into alignment. Let’s allow our feelings. Let’s be good to ourselves. And then let’s do something that makes us feel just a little bit better.

Then we find our ease, our flow, and our inspiration.



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