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Appreciations are a fuel for feeling better.

If we develop a daily practice, as I suggest, we start to see the silver linings, the positive spins and the happy endings in our day-to-day life. It makes feeling better easier.

But just because appreciations are fuel, it doesn’t mean you have to fill the tank to the brim.

Sometimes when people practice this they think they have to appreciate only the big things.

Such as:

I’m healthy.

I have a wonderful husband/wife/kids.

My business is successful.

That’s all good. But the trouble is, if we just focus on the big stuff, we run out of things to appreciate. And then we give up the practice.

Instead, it’s helpful to think of the little stuff you can appreciate about your day.

Such as:

The feeling of the breeze on your skin as you went for your walk this morning.

The sweetness of the cherry tomatoes you ate for lunch.

The nice conversation you had with the person in line at the checkout.

Appreciate the small things, and you’ll be ready to receive more small things… and maybe some big things too!



(Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash)