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Imagine you’re driving along the highway and the “check engine” light comes on.

So you pull off the highway at a gas station or a McDonalds and get out a big, black Sharpie.

And with the Sharpie, you draw on the dash so that the light is covered up.

Ha! I see no warning light. Everything’s juuuust fine!

That’s what many of us do with the “check engine” light in our bodies.

Often, we notice our feelings first in our bodies – maybe in our chest, our shoulders or our stomach. But what we sometimes do is ignore that feeling and carry on. We color over our feelings with a Sharpie.

Instead, we’d benefit from noticing that feeling and allowing it to be there, without judgement.

And then, when the feeling knows it’s been heard, we’re often in the position to do something that makes us feel that little bit better.

Our bodies are amazing in what they tell us. We just have to listen.



(Photo by on Unsplash)