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Without the darkness of the clouds, the sunbeam wouldn’t be so bright.

And the warmth of the summer wouldn’t feel so good without the chill of winter.

When we’ve been doing this work for some time and we’re generally feeling a lot better – less anxious, more relaxed, more peaceful – the “bad” days come as a shock.

It’s painful to witness the contrast between our “good” new selves and those “bad” days when it seems like we’ve reverted to old patterns.

If we’re not careful, we get mad at ourselves for failing. We say, “I knew this couldn’t last” or “I hate myself for feeling this way.” We blame ourselves. We beat ourselves up.

Instead, when contrast strikes (because it will) consider:

We’re human. We’re not perfect. Indeed, we will never be perfect at this.

It’s OK to have a “bad” day. We just need to use that time to allow the feeling and be good to ourselves.

While it seems like it’s a “bad” day, we can ask, is it really so bad if it’s teaching us something?

And most importantly, contrast is an illustration in what we don’t want. It’s a chance to notice the feeling, accept it… and dream of what we really desire.

Contrast is merely the alarm bell telling us we’re off our path of alignment.

It’s nothing more than that.



(Photo by SHTTEFAN on Unsplash)