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Did you ever as a kid play with iron filings?

You’d put them on a sheet of paper and then use a magnet to drag them into whatever shape you wished.

As an experiment, I’d encourage you to be an iron filing, if only for a day.

Allow yourself to be led. Allow your inner compass to line up with magnetic north.

You see, we try so hard to control our circumstances.

We think we have to be in charge, so we plot and we plan and we strategize.

All that takes a lot of energy… but we think it’s worth it because it helps us feel like we’re in control of our lives.

Instead, maybe see if we can tune in to our inner compass and allow ourselves to follow it.

Make the choice that intuitively feels right. Take the exit from the highway that seems correct.

We might find – as I did today when I was looking or a place for dinner – that relaxing and following our nose can lead to the right answer.

You see, we have more intuitive sense than we give ourselves credit for.

Maybe it’s time to pay attention.



(Photo by Tim Dennert on Unsplash)