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Sometimes, at the end of a long day, we get that pincushion feeling.

It’s as if we’re the cushion and events keep sticking pins in us until, by 5pm, we’re covered in painful spikes.

Just one more pin and we’d be done.

That’s overwhelm… and it’s common.

Our tendency when this happens is to put our heads down and work harder, to pick at those pins and pull them out one by one.

But all the time, we can feel the pain of them jabbing into us, and that makes it hard to think straight.

So we just end up sticking the pins in harder.

Instead, it’s often better to rest. To give up on the day. To do something good for ourselves.

To allow the pins to be there, knowing that tomorrow we can wake up refreshed and notice that most of the pins have eased themselves out and the pain has become manageable.

Despite what you might hear, the answer isn’t always to work harder.

It’s to rest.

Because rest is often when the real work happens.




(Photo by Paweł Furman on Unsplash)