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Seen any good movies lately?

You know, the kind where we’re so gripped, so entertained, so “in” to the story that two hours go by and we’ve barely touched our popcorn.

Maybe it was a romance, maybe it was a thriller… or maybe it was a horror that had us teetering on our seat, so entranced and terrified that we can’t look away.

Back outside the theater, and there are times when our own lives become like a terrifying movie.

Maybe something has upset us; perhaps we’re anxious about a future event…

… and then the mind begins its story.

We launch a narrative so gripping that, as the drama ramps up, we simply cannot look away. Indeed, we become entranced – that story in our head becomes our reality, with all its drama and terror and emotion.

But is it real?

The practice we do here at the Feel Better Project helps us notice when that film starts playing. We get to pause it before the drama takes over and question if it’s a movie we really want to watch; if it’s a story that serves us.

Because… while often there’s some perverse pleasure it living the movie in our minds, the truth is that it’s mostly just sound and fury, signifying nothing.

So when we stop the story and see it for what it is, we’re able to deal with the situation calmly.

And just eat the popcorn.




(Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash)