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One of the worst pieces of advice we’re sometimes (often unknowingly) given is to ignore our feelings.

It’s those times that we’re told it’s wrong or weak or embarrassing to feel the way we do.

When we deny or feelings, we set up resistance. Indeed, that resistance can become so strong that it manifests in our bodies, maybe as tense shoulders or a feeling in our stomach.

There’s a little battle going on between our feelings and our actions. The little voice is shouting but nobody is listening, so it shouts louder and louder.

Instead, we need allow ourselves to feel our feelings.

We must be OK with feeling as we do.

Indeed, we would be best served by showing ourselves some kindness and some care.

Then – when we do that – we can start to bounce back.

We can say, “You feel bad for very legitimate reasons AND you can do something to feel just a little bit better.”

It like jumping on a trampoline. The canvas sinks down as we feel our feelings, but then it springs back to lift us higher.

Try it. It works.



(Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash)