The Feel Better Project Daily

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Our cellphones are always scanning the airwaves so they are ready when a call comes in.

Even when they’re in our pocket or buried at the bottom of our bag, they’re alert and aware.

That awareness is something we cultivate here at the Feel Better Project.

Being aware how you’re feeling at any one time can make the difference between a life following unconscious scripts and one of flow and inspiration.

When we scan ourselves and ask how we’re feeling right now, we become aware.

From that point, we allow the feeling.

And then we do something that makes us feel a little bit better: we align.

Aware. Allow. Align.

That’s the Feel Better Project recipe for a life of well-being and joy.

The way to begin is with mere curiosity; curious as to how you are feeling.

And then… practice.

That’s how you see results.



(Photo by Djamal Akhmad Fahmi on Unsplash)