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When we take a cork out of a bottle…

…Or use a key to open a stiff lock…

…We take it easy.

We gently ease the cork or coax the lock.

We don’t rush it and force it because we know that too much haste and too much effort will break the cork or bend the key.

The same applies when we want to feel better.

We can’t just “think” feeling better or mask our feelings with a breezy affirmation.

Pretending that down is up will bring us conflict that twists our guts and tenses our shoulders.

Instead, we kindly ease ourselves into a better-feeling place by noticing how we feel, allowing that feeling and then – with true compassion for where we’re at – reaching for something that feels just a little bit better.

Bit by bit with baby steps, we transform our day.


(Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash)