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Our well-being – our happiness – is always there… like the ground beneath a covering of snow.

All it takes is a little melting for it to reveal itself.

Many of us think that well-being is something we have to go out and find. If we achieve “this” and then get “that“ we will be happy.

But the reality is, our true selves are merely covered up by a snowpack of thoughts. Our storm of fears, anxieties and regrets stops us seeing what was already there.

What we do here at the Feel Better Project is slowly melt the snow to reveal the happy ground beneath.

When we tap into our feelings, accept those feelings and do something that makes us feel just a little bit better, we are blowing warm air onto the frozen earth.

And when we practice this process enough, we notice when we are covered in snow. Then – at that point – we can begin to gently melt it.

You see, the delicious earthy ground of well-being is always there.

We just have to remember to warm the snow that’s covering it up.