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If you’ve been following the Feel Better Project for a while, you’ll know that the first step in the process is to tap into how we’re feeling.

After that, we accept that feeling – then we do something to feel just a little bit better.

Sometimes, however, it doesn’t work.

We still feel a little “urgh.” We still feel anxious. There’s still fear or anger.

And that’s OK.

The big error here would be to get mad at ourselves for not feeling better. Doing that – as we know – makes things worse.

Instead, just go back to step one and tap into our feelings again.

Often, the first time around (or the second or the third) doesn’t get to the nub of how we are feeling.

We might think that we’re angry (for example) because something happened, but that anger might be the result of something deeper

For example, my frustration I told you about yesterday wasn’t just because of the technical problems. It was instead because the technical problems were getting in the way of something I wanted to do. It felt as if they were frustrating my dreams – almost stamping on them. And that felt bad.

So if you’re still feeling “urgh” after you try the process, it might be because you haven’t found the true root of your feelings yet.

That’s OK. There’s no need to hurry up and get there.

Just keep following the process – and keep allowing things to be as they are keep and being good to yourself –then suddenly you’ll feel the release that shows you’ve hit your target.

Like a good casserole, the best flavors come with some slow cooking.


(Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash)