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When we’re involved in something that is annoying us – something that is driving us crazy, making us stressed and leading to anger welling up inside us – often the best thing to do is to step away.

Step away from the cause of our frustration.

And step away from the thing that is making our shoulders tense and our stomach heavy.

Instead of working away at it, we need to say “screw it” and leave… if only for a minute.

The moment we do this, we feel a sense of release.

We get perspective.

And from that new place of reality, we get ideas.

We see the problem afresh.

And we feel better.

Many of us have been trained to be “good girls” and “good boys” – efforting away until we solve the problem.

But sometimes the best thing to do is to allow ourselves give up… if only for a minute.

So be a rebel. Stop being so good. Say screw it and walk away.

Then you can come back from a better-feeling place.



(Photo by Pablo Garcia Saldaña on Unsplash)