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You’ve probably heard of the “tipping point” phenomenon: that moment when a trend suddenly becomes mainstream.

For example, when it seemed every child had (or wanted) a fidget spinner.

Or the summer when it appeared everyone was wearing Crocs.

The tipping point happens when something that has been kind-of popular – just bubbling under the surface – suddenly has enough mass to burst forward.

Rather like a winter flu epidemic.

The tipping point also happens with our mood – and our momentum.

A lot of this work is about managing momentum. We keep monitoring our feelings, noticing when we are feeling bad, accepting those feelings, and then doing something to feel just a little bit better.

If we keep repeating this practice, we slowly build positive momentum, feeling a little bit better every time.

Until – suddenly – that momentum gathers enough speed that we find ourselves feeling great.

It’s like pushing a car. The first few pushes don’t make much difference, until suddenly we have pushed just enough to get the car moving.

This happened to me the other day. I was feeling a kind of background anxiety, so I tapped into that feeling, acknowledged it and allowed it to be there.

That very act of acceptance allowed me to shift into a better feeling space.

I continued to repeat the practice throughout the day until I suddenly noticed that my anxiety was gone and I was feeling energized and excited.

That was the tipping point moment.

It’s interesting to monitor our moods like this, giving them a gentle nudge.

That tipping point – that inflection point – is very delicate. It’s like the moment of suspension at the top of a rollercoaster.

But when we are able to ride the positive momentum forward, it feels great.


(Photo by Francis Taylor on Unsplash)