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Don’t feel better – ‘feel’ better instead!

Let me explain what I mean.

This might be called the Feel Better Project – but it’s not about feeling better (at least not right away.)

The mistake many people make is fixating on feeling better. When they don’t feel better, they make themselves feel bad for failing.

The reality is, we don’t feel good all the time. We don’t even feel better all the time.

I’ve been doing this practice for several years, and I don’t feel good all the time.

And… when I beat myself up for not feeling good, I feel even worse.

Instead, this is about “feeling” better.

It’s about being better at feeling our feelings.

It’s about learning to tap into our feelings, then allowing those feelings to be there (instead of resisting them.)

We discover how to respect our feelings and show some kindness to our feelings.

Then – from that point – we naturally want to do or think something that feels just a little bit better.

Consider it like jumping into the air. We can’t jump high without first pressing into the ground.

But if we deny the ground is there – or fight it or resist it – we’ll never get the power we need to leap.




(Photo by Lyndsey Marie on Unsplash)