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Our bodies are often our best inner compass.

When we’re out of alignment, our body often tells us.

Maybe our chest feels constricted or our stomach unsettled.

The trouble is, we’re frequently so busy going about our day that we don’t even notice these feelings. Or if we notice them, we ignore them.

That’s why it pays to follow the Feel Better Project process: Stop for a minute and scan our body to see how we are feeling.

Then, when we notice something, don’t try to resist that feeling. Don’t attempt to tamp it down and hope it will go away.

Because… when we ignore it, it just shouts louder – and we end up in some arms race of feeling vs. our resistance.

Instead, just gently acknowledge that feeling. Say “yes” to it. Let it know that you are listening.

Doing this one simple thing is often all we need to do.

We’re then able to go about our day without this conflict inside our bodies.

We’re back in alignment again.




(Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash)