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There was a TV cartoon once where the characters were playing hide and seek.

One of the characters tried to hide by facing the wall with his hands over his eyes.

As he couldn’t see anything, he figured he was invisible.

But – of course – it doesn’t work like that.

You can’t just turn away and cover your eyes and pretend you don’t exist.

The same is true with your feelings.

You can try to ignore them or excuse them… and it might work for a while.

… Until they come and bite you in the backside.

This might be called the Feel Better Project, but that doesn’t mean we just try to feel better all the time.

Indeed, we know that to feel better, we often need to feel bad first.

Because without acknowledging and accepting our feelings, we can’t bounce back.

Indeed, it’s often that very acceptance – that non-judgemental acknowledgement – that allows us to feel better.

So next time you feel bad, realize you feel bad. Be OK with feeling bad.

Then see what happens.




(Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash)