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When it gets too cold in my house, something clicks in the thermostat and the heating comes on.

When someone says something that triggers me, something clicks in my brain and I get upset.

For many of us, much of the time, we’re as automated as the heating system in our houses.

We get a trigger and we react.

It’s like Pavlov’s dogs and the bell.

Ding… food!

So, much of what we do here at the Feel Better Project is to insert a pause between trigger and action.

That pause allows us to say: hang on a minute, do I really want to react that way?

This is why we check in with ourselves so that we get accustomed to noticing how we are feeling.

That noticing gives us the chance to pause and reflect.

See… it’s simple really.

The thing is, it’s hard to undo years of automatic behavior, which is why we keep practicing the process.

Because when you keep practicing, your life becomes easier, less stressful and more peaceful.



(Photo by Chester Alvarez on Unsplash)