The Feel Better Project Daily

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Throw away your goals!

Toss your to-do list in the trash!

Burn your list of weekly tasks!

You see, what we’ve been told about goals makes us feel bad.

We’re taught to set goals, chunk them down into tasks and write a to-do list that we follow diligently until we get it all done.

Keep our noses at our screens, be hyper productive… and…

…when we achieve our goals, we’ll be happy.


The trouble is, while we’re busy pushing and hustling and striving to achieve our goals, we’re delaying our happiness.

And… when we reach our goals, we’re still not happy… because more goals replace them.

Instead – discover how to be happy, relaxed and peaceful now.

And still get cool stuff done!

This is what I do:

I practice the Feel Better Project process so that I spend more time in a place of inspiration rather than fear.

When I’m in a place of inspiration, I start dreaming of what I want. This is when my true desires – my real goals – are revealed. I know this is happening because I feel excited and energized.

And then… when I’m finished dreaming about my goals… I forget about them!

I put them out there… but I don’t care about them anymore.

Instead, I go back to the Feel Better Project process so that I spend more time feeling good.

And because I’m spending a larger proportion of my time feeling good, I’m able to achieve cool stuff… and am open to great things coming my way.

It just works like that.

So stop chasing goals that make you feel bad.

Discover how to feel better… and allow the great stuff in.



(Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash)