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Life is often a balance between peace and fear.

At times, fear has the upper hand. We feel tense. Our stomach seems off. Our heart beats faster.

We feel bad.

At other times, peace is winning. We feel calm. We feel relaxed.

We feel good.

So the work is to notice when we are in a place of fear – and then return to a place of peace.

The Feel Better Project process teaches us to scan ourselves for how we are feeling.

What thoughts are running through our head?

What sensations do we feel in our body?

Then… we notice these feelings. And we accept them. We don’t judge them.

But… if we are feeling fearful, we have the chance – if we choose – to go to a place of peace.

We can be still and breathe.

We can get perspective.

We can do something to take care of ourselves.

Then – by doing all this – we return to a place of peace.

And from that place of peace we take the right actions, we allow ideas, we find inspiration.

We’re back where we should be.




(Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash)