The Feel Better Project Daily

The free daily email that shows people how to change their thoughts, so that life and business becomes easy and fulfilling rather than stressful and overwhelming.

Remembering to stop and be still – to connect and scan – is hard.

The trouble is, we’re so busy going about our day that stopping, if only for a few seconds, seems like a disruption.

However, doing just that – stopping for just a second – is one of the most powerful things we can do because it gives us a chance to reset, zoom out and get perspective.

So next time we:

          Sip a cup of coffee

          Wait at a red light

          Open a new browser tab

          Wait for a website to finish logging in

          Join the line at the checkout

          Sit down at our desk

… take just a few seconds to follow the Feel Better Project process.

We can use these triggers to scan ourselves to see how we’re feeling.

Accept the feeling that we notice; feel it with non-judgmental awareness.

Then see if there’s anything we can think or do to feel just a little bit better.

It’s as simple as that.



(Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash)