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Children are endlessly curious.

Any parent who has faced a barrage of “why” questions knows this.

And most of the time, the child’s curiosity is without judgement.

You tell them the answer, and that’s it. There’s no good or bad or right or wrong.

When we’re following the Feel Better Project process, curiosity is critical.

And… most importantly… that curiosity comes without judgement attached.

So when we ask yourselves how we’re feeling, we are simply curious as to the answer. We don’t start blaming ourselves for feeling that way.

We’re merely scanning our feelings out of curiosity. We’re simply curious as to why we might feel the way we do.

We say, “how interesting that I feel like that” rather than “I shouldn’t feel like that.”

A simple, loving curiosity opens many doors to progress because it allows the better-feeling thoughts to come in.



(Photo by Hetty Stellingwerf on Unsplash)