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Let’s imagine we’re going on a hike through the forest.

There’s a trail cut through the trees, and so we follow it.

The trail goes up a hill, then down a valley. It turns left to avoid a rock, and then right to cross a river.

But we keep following it, because we know that the trail will – eventually – get us where we want to go.

We trust it’s heading in the right direction as it negotiates its path through the landscape.

Now… see if we can view life like that.

Life, with its ups and downs and lefts and rights.

It’s happy successes and its troubling setbacks.

So often we force ourselves to take a straight line, to ignore the contours of the hills and the water of the rivers. We struggle and dig and climb – and it’s hard, exhausting work.

What if, instead of trying to blast out rocks and cut down trees, we trust and follow life’s winding path?

If we know where we want to go, can we just allow life’s trail to take us?

Can we accept the ups and the downs, the lefts and the rights?

Just be easy and follow the path?

Just trust a little and know we’re getting there?



(Photo by Aaron Brunhofer on Unsplash)