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I’m glad that Netflix has a pause button.

When I lose the plot (which is often), I press pause and figure out what’s going on.

Then – once back on track – I press play again.

It’s nice to press pause in life too. If only for a few seconds.

Pressing pause allows us to take a breath and reset the mind.

It gives us the chance to step out of the constant stream of thinking.

Fortunately, life gives us plenty of opportunities to press pause: At a red light, in the check-out line, when waiting for the ATM to count our money, in the few seconds after we turn off the car engine…

Sometimes, we get frustrated at these pauses. They seem like an enforced delay that is stopping us going about our business. Our minds get frightened that there’s nothing to do, so we try to fill the void by checking our phones.

But maybe, if we see these pauses as delightful little vacations from our day, we can use them to relax and reset.

To breathe and be aware.

Try it. I promise you it will feel good.



(Photo by Landis Brown on Unsplash)