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To climb a ladder, we must grip onto a rung.

But to climb a little higher, we just let go of that rung and reach for a new one.

It’s a process of gripping and letting go until we reach the top.

In life, for many of us, we try to climb higher by gripping… but without letting go.

It’s very tempting to hold on tight. We feel we need to control things… be on top of them.

But when we fail to let go, we get stuck.

Stuck in that place of anxiety and needing.

Stuck in that place of tension.

Stuck in a place of grasping.

If we can let go instead – if we can relax and be accepting of where we are – then we’re able to reach higher.

When we relax and accept, everything feels better and our next steps become clearer.

Life is a continual practice of gripping and letting go.

And as long as we remember to let go, everything will be just fine.



(Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash)