The Feel Better Project Daily

The free daily email that shows people how to change their thoughts, so that life and business becomes easy and fulfilling rather than stressful and overwhelming.

If you have been here a while, you will be familiar with the Feel Better Project process:

  1. Stop and consider how you are feeling right now.
  2. Tap into that feeling, acknowledge it and accept it.
  3. Think of one thing you can do to feel just a little bit better.

This 3-step process is at the start of everything we do here.

But… there are many times when we need to do only 2 of those steps!

The reason? Simply accepting the situation as it is – being totally OK with how we are feeling right now – can help us feel better anyway.

When we accept, we often feel a sense of relief… sometimes that expresses itself in a feeling of relaxation in our chest.

So… often we don’t need to do anything else.

Try it next time you stop and scan yourself.

(Bonus tip: once we get to acceptance, the ways to feel better in step 3 become so much easier to follow anyway – sometimes we just do them without thinking about them.)



(Photo by Koen Rayer on Unsplash)