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If you’ve ever fallen asleep in front of Netflix, you’ll know that sometimes it can keep auto-playing show after show. By the time you wake up, the series is into its second season.

That’s a lot of drama while you were sleeping.

The funny thing is, we don’t even need Netflix because we have our own movies auto-playing in our heads… when we’re awake.

Have you seen the movie where sales take a dip in your business, and you as the business owner end up losing everything, living alone by the side of the road?

Or the one where you have an argument with your spouse, and it turns out he or she has been living a double life that you knew nothing about?

Or the one where an angry customer will never be satisfied, so you end up in a massive, expensive lawsuit (that you lose, of course)?

So much of our distress comes from these movies.

Something triggers us… and our brain runs away on some huge story arc that leads to tragedy.

Often, this narration is completely automatic – it’s on auto-play. We don’t even realize it’s a story.

This is when the Feel Better Project process comes in so useful.

If we get into the habit of stopping and tapping into how we feel, we begin to realize we have a movie playing.

So if we notice we’re feeling bad, the reason for that bad feeling might be because we are imagining some terrible event that’s going to happen.

Noticing our feelings allows us to say: Wait a minute, this is just a movie. It’s not true.

Then we can say: Let’s feel better by realizing that fact… and noticing how – actually – things are fine right now.

It’s just one bad day of sales.

It’s just a run-of-the mill argument.

It’s just one angry customer.

So keep practicing the Feel Better Project process.

It’s like hitting pause on the Netflix movie of the mind.



(Photo by Rhett Noonan on Unsplash)