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Tiredness should come with a health warning.

Or a big, red light that flashes.

Or a sign that says: Make No Decisions, Do No Important Work, Take Nothing Too Seriously!

Anyone with children knows that when they’re tired, their emotions run amok. They do stuff and say stuff that they wouldn’t do and say otherwise.

Of course, they’ll deny that they’re tried when challenged.

And… many adults do this too! We keep going (because we believe we should) and let tiredness stain everything we do.

The Feel Better Project shows us to stop and scan for how we’re feeling.

So… we should use it to notice when we’re feeling tired – and how our emotions are running hot. Things that wouldn’t normally bother us feel like crises. It’s as if our outer casing is ripped off, revealing the raw skin underneath.

The best way to feel better? Respect the fact that we’re tired and don’t expect anything from ourselves. If we can, we should rest – even if it’s just for a few minutes.

And we should recognize that when we’re tried, we’re not exactly performing at 100%. And that’s OK.

Taking just a little time out to recharge will make everything easier.


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