The Feel Better Project Daily

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Probably not a day goes by when we don’t screw up… somehow.

Maybe we lose a sale in our business.

Or say something we shouldn’t have said.

Or make a mistake in our accounts or in an email.

The trouble is, we’re often our own worst critics.

We blame ourselves. We beat ourselves up.

We’ve very unforgiving of our errors.

When we’ve been practicing the Feel Better Project process for a while, we notice how things are getting better.

And then, one day, we forget to practice. We go back to old habits.

Then we blame ourselves for being so useless, for not getting it.

So… today… let’s lighten up. Let’s forgive ourselves.

Let’s treat ourselves as we wish to treat others.

Yes – we fail. But we get back up again.

And it’s all OK.


(Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash)