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For many of us, there’s not a day goes by when we don’t find a rope with a knot in it.

Maybe it’s a business problem that won’t go away.

Perhaps it’s our computer which has frozen up.

Sometimes it’s the cellphone company or the utility company or the tax office.

What most of us do is focus on untying the knot.

We zoom in.

We pick and we pull.

We stress and we worry until our fingers are red and our muscles ache.

When – perhaps – what would serve us best is to zoom out.

To put the knot down.

Maybe throw the rope on the floor.

Perhaps ignore it.

And then we find – often – that we were picking at a knot on the wrong piece of rope.

Or that we could simply get some scissors and cut the knot out.

Or if we stopped pulling and instead gave the rope some slack, the knot would come untied.

The lesson? Efforting to solve something is often not the best way.

Relaxing… instead… gets the job done.




(Photo by Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash)