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Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we get angry and upset. We forget to check in with how we’re feeling, and so we let our thoughts and our emotions take control.

We lose our temper, we say hurtful things… we behave like a naughty child.

Maybe we were tired. Perhaps everything got too much. Or it could be that we simply didn’t remember.

And that’s OK.

Because… the thing is… we can always start again.

We just have to remember to do it.

We just have to remind ourselves to be still.

We just have to check in with how we feel – accept that feeling – and nudge ourselves to feel just a little bit better.

So next time we forget, we don’t need to be concerned. We don’t need to blame ourselves. And we don’t need to judge ourselves.

We forget because we’re human.

But we can start again, whenever we want.



(Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash)