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Have you ever used a stud finder?

You know, one of those battery-powered gadgets that you put up against the wall, then move along left or right. It beeps when it finds a wooden stud behind the drywall.

A stud finder can save you the crashing horror of a heavy cabinet falling down in the middle of the night.

But did you know that you have your own, built-in stud finder?

It lives in your stomach, your chest or your shoulders… and makes itself known to you as you move through your day.

Try it, for example, as you go through your Facebook feed.

As you scroll, do you sometimes feel a kind of sickness in your stomach or tension in your chest?

Which post is doing that?

Or do you feel a kind of flutter of excitement, an intake of breath?

Which post is doing that?

Our body can tell us things before our mind does.

That uncomfortable feeling can let us know that what we’re experiencing is out of alignment with what we truly desire.

And that buzz of excitement is telling us that we’ve come across something that is in alignment.

For some reason, we’re trained to ignore the body.

But maybe, as you read Facebook or go about your day, you can try listening to it.

And act accordingly.

Stay away from what your body says is bad; move towards what your body says is good.

After all, your body is a neat gadget.

No batteries required.

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(Photo by Dmitri Popov on Unsplash)